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Noun1.companionability - suitability to be a companion
sociability, sociableness - the relative tendency or disposition to be sociable or associate with one's fellows
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All those who have had the pleasure to meet him have not failed to be impressed by his self-effacing and genial disposition and companionability, as well as the depth and breadth of his knowledge and understanding and willingness to help.
Indeed, romantic comedy (and its television variations) devotes its energies to obscuring the possible gaps between things like companionability, attraction, and intense sexual arousal [...] Girls, with its giddy lightness, its warmth, and its fast-talking, witty, roundly likable characters, has some of the flavor of romantic comedy while also revealing the common facts of life that romantic comedy has never been able to show.
The film depicts all this with an unemphatic realism, and suggests that the possibility of fractious behaviour and reactions to it are no more a part of this lifestyle than the sense of companionability that goes along with it.
There were also unique themes that emerged in this study including the material/texture, the gentleness, and the companionability of the robot care provider.
The entrance of the auditor at the end of the poem compels Eulalie to alter her "frank tone" of "straight-speaking dissent" into one of disingenuous companionability. Webster explicitly contrasts Eulalie's private speech, her internal railing against "the cackling goose" she sees in her auditor, with her public speech: "Most welcome, dear: one gets so moped alone" (ll.
The irony is, just as our energy resource has dipped to residual levels, health has become something for us to work at crucially; yet the effort tends to be negated by a new technology that allows one to get a life, virtually-in the comfortable companionability of computers.
But her calm demeanour and companionability seem unruffled.
There is some kind of resolution, followed by the return to companionability: eating and chatting together in the warmth of home.
We enjoy their energy, beauty, trainability and companionability. Then, too, they have a comical side that is both entertaining and endearing."
We can attest to these snakes' beauty, companionability and educational value."